About Digupay


Digupay is a blog designed to keep you in the know about everything in the financial world. It is run by two professionals in finance, Jeff Gold and Coleen Planter, who have been looking for interesting ways to help people to make the right financial designs to keep them in a good position throughout their lives. Sometimes you might have difficult months where there is no money in your account or your business profits are very low and this blog aims for you to never be in this difficult place again and allow you to always be at the top of your financial goals. It is really easy to stay on top of this went you have a blog like Digupay that has your back every step of the way.


Meet the Team



Jeff Gold is a financial consultant from Utah in the USA, and he has been on the top of his game for 13 years now. Jeff’s goal is to aid people with their personal finance and help them to stay up on their feet throughout their entire lives, with money to spare for those all-important golden years. He is passionate about providing care through his work and now wants to work on this blog to spread more knowledge and awareness of key things that people can do to improve their financial situation for good. He hopes to receive lots of questions from this blog so that he can help people to achieve their goals and become financially stable adults.



Coleen Planter is a finance business partner at a firm in Utah, USA, and has many years of knowledge and understanding about how to financially prepare your business for all the pushbacks it may face in the future. Coleen has helped many businesses to rise from the bottom back to the top by organizing things like business taxes, financial years, budgeting, and many more facets that make up a strong and stable business. She will be giving all the basic facts and information about running an airtight business financial plan, so if this is what you need then read on for more.