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The Different Types of Insurance Policies Available Online

Online insurance policies are available to cater to individuals and businesses. The principle of all insurance is to put someone back in the same position, financially at least, that they were in before the unfortunate event happened. In the case of a vehicle, it is about receiving that vehicle back repaired and looking like new or having financial compensation should it be written-off. In terms of property, we can have items of value financially compensated for in the event of theft, fire, or flood. Then, for businesses, they can have a van insured as opposed to a car, a whole fleet of them if they wish, and also have the option of an insurance policy that covers them for driving customer vehicles during business hours. That is not to mention liability insurance, where a company can be covered when customers or employees sue for faulty workmanship or negligence that results in harm.

In this space, we shall talk about the different kinds of insurance policies that are available from online providers of cover such as one sure insurance.


Vehicles can be insured for private or business use or both. A van is typically insured for business use. Generally, van insurance will cost more because of a van’s engine size and storage capacity. Cars are categorised into insurance groups ranging from 1 to 50. The higher the group, the higher the premium paid. So, it is worth checking out how much your insurance will be before purchasing your dream car. Free quotations are available online to check.

Apart from van insurance, businesses can also obtain commercial cover for lorries, courier services, and to run a taxi services. Nowadays, logistics and transportation companies tend to look for such service providers who can provide Top lorry insurance quote in minutes.

As a guide to keeping your motor insurance costs down, you may also need to think about the vehicle’s engine size, performance, and how much the luxury element will put the cost of replacement parts up.


When it comes to insuring your home, you can have separate policies for buildings and contents or have a combined policy. This may work out cheaper and also avoid disputes among insurers, where a claim affects both buildings and contents.

With regards to contents, it is more expensive but you can insure items for accidental damage as well as cover them against fire, theft, or flood damage. This will cover, for instance, when someone drops an iron on the carpet by accident or where a spill cannot be washed out.

Contents of particular value will have to be specified separately on a contents policy to be insured or if they are to be salvaged by Contents Cleaning and Restoration companies in the event of a disaster. It is worth checking what is covered automatically by a policy. There will be variations between policies on what is covered and for how much.

Factors that affect the cost of home cover will include where you live (your postcode), the size of your property, how close you are to water (because of the risk of floods), and what security you have. In case of sewer damage due to floods, you may have to contact Prompt Sewer Damage Restoration company (or any similar service provider). Such insurance cover might help you to cover up the losses due to natural calamity. It is worth checking with your insurer on which types of locks are approved by them, though, so that you can obtain a discount. There are three types of locks most insurers will approve of. These include five-lever mortice deadlocks, night latches, and multi-point locking systems that are key-operated.

Motor Trader

Normally a vehicle will be insured by the person who owns it, but that does not quite work when you have a business that deals with cars in some way, for example, a car dealer or mechanic. In these instances where a customer’s vehicle will be driven by business owners or employees, motor trader insurance can be required to cover damage to a client’s vehicle and to maintain legality when driving the vehicles on the public road. The insurance may have additional clauses and supplementary cover for road risks and premises safety, for which, you may have to consult a professional through a company website similar to or visit a service provider near your location.


There are many liabilities that a business can insure against. The main ones are public and employer’s liability. The first is optional and the second compulsory. Both are a good idea to have covered to avoid being sued for amounts that are not fundable by a business.

In the UK, employers must have at least 5 million of cover for employer’s liability. Every day they do not have this cover, there can be a fine imposed up to a maximum of 2,500 per day. So, this is a type of cover businesses need to have sorted from day one, alongside van or motor trader insurance where there are legal requirements.


Many people enjoy holidays staying inside a caravan that they own. This needs to be insured just like the car that is towing it. Where the caravan is static, it will also be a good thing to have it insured against the elements. Coastal resorts can be windy places as much as those where we end up on the inclement side of a mountain.


When we book a holiday, part of it will be booking insurance that will cover us against the largest possible expense, which would be if we are taken ill abroad. The medical bill would be astronomical. Also, we can insure against having to cancel in certain circumstances. To have travel insurance is to have the peace of mind that allows us to enjoy our holiday more. It does not have to be booked as part of a travel package; you may find it cheaper to book this separately. Quotations can quickly and easily be obtained online.

In summary, all the types of insurance above will offer peace of mind because they provide financial compensation should the unthinkable but coverable happen.

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